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  • You dream of a career change but you don't dare to take the plunge.
  • The new team that has been entrusted to you is causing you headaches.
  • Working in an international environment is stimulating but you could do without all the tension, misunderstandings, and other complications.
  • You work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Your boss, who thinks (s)he is doing the right thing, keeps telling you to “learn to say no” – which is easier said than done.
  • Your working relations with some of your colleagues have become increasingly strained.
  • You don’t know which way to turn.

There are plenty of good reasons for choosing coaching – and there are plenty of pieces of good advice. But the key to the difficulties you are experiencing may well lie within yourself. My role is to help you find that key.

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My coaching vision

Coaching is personalised professional support. As a qualified coach, I can help you identify and fully leverage your resources, solve your personal and professional issues, find solutions tailored to your situation, develop your potential and skills, and fully embrace change by finding in yourself the answers to your questions.

My coaching approach will help you comprehend your situation, clarify roles, change your perspective and gain an overview of your problem, while boosting your motivation, independence, responsibility, and ability to reflect.

My goal is to help you find durable, personalised strategies and solutions.

My approach

Listening is essential for fully understanding a situation. During a first, free discussion, we will talk about the topics that are occupying you, how our work together might look, and what you need to achieve when.

During the coaching process, we will analyse your situation and the topics that matter to you, establishing a complete overview.

We will set goals and strategies tailored to your needs, taking into account the environment and situation you are in.

The procedure is always unique and differs according to your situation and needs.

Next, we will look at how your solutions should be implemented to ensure a sustainable result. As the coachee, your role is crucial for a successful coaching outcome. You must therefore be ready to embrace change in order to fully leverage the coaching process.

My values

My coaching sessions take place in a climate of mutual trust and respect.

Confidentiality, quality, openness, flexibility, creativity, realism, and a sense of humour (when needed) are essential values for me. Each individual is unique and sees the world differently. The individuality of each person is at the heart of my coaching practice. I believe that each of us holds the answers to his or her own questions.

I follow the Code of Ethics of the ICF (International Coach Federation). 


My method

My method is tailored to your needs. It is systemic, interactive, solution-oriented and action-oriented. Visualisation and communication psychology techniques are central parts of my toolkit.

My strengths

  • Hands-on approach with a scientific foundation
  • Confidentiality, trust and open communication on equal terms
  • Systemic coaching for sustainable results
  • Coaching in English, French and German
  • Priority given to your needs and objectives
  • Qualified Intercultural Coach
  • Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • Over 10 years’ experience working within international teams and companies
  • Communication and marketing expert
  • Committed to ongoing training and learning

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