Group Coaching

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When should I call on Group Coaching services?

In problematic or contentious situations, such as:

  • Difficulties communicating or collaborating with your team
  • Team conflicts
  • Tension between employees and managers
  • A lack of commitment to a project

During changes of environment and/or role, such as:

  • A new project
  • New working methods or workflow improvements
  • New employees, new teams (team building)
  • Change of strategy or corporate policy
  • Restructuring
  • Merger
  • Internationalisation
  • Encountering resistance to change

In intercultural contexts:

  • International teams and work groups
  • International team creation and team building
  • Management of human resources from diverse cultural backgrounds or corporate cultures

Learn more about my coaching approach.

I also offer intercultural training to develop your intercultural competences.

My strengths

  • Hands-on approach with a scientific foundation
  • Confidentiality, trust and open communication on equal terms
  • Systemic coaching for sustainable results
  • Coaching in English, French and German
  • Priority given to your needs and objectives
  • Qualified Intercultural Coach
  • Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • Over 10 years’ experience working within international teams and companies
  • Communication and marketing expert
  • Committed to ongoing training and learning

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