Develop your intercultural competences – embrace differences to make a difference

                                                                                              Photo © Nicolas Blandin

When people live or work together, different ways of thinking and functioning collide. Such differences can have to do with the individuals in question, but their origin is often cultural. They can be a source of unnecessary misunderstandings that can result in demotivation, financial loss, or even the end of a collaboration or project.

How can I ensure the success of an international cooperation? How can I thrive in a foreign cultural context, during a shared project with partners from a different country or corporate culture?

The key is to be aware of your own cultural socialisation, and to understand your partner’s culture. If we gather together the ways everyone involved thinks and works and find our common ground, the challenges of a transnational cooperation can be overcome and we can strive towards our common objective with efficiency and mutual respect.

As a certified Intercultural Trainer, I can help you to do this by offering culture-specific or general culture awareness training workshops tailored to your needs.

My approach is personalised, interactive, solution-oriented and action-oriented.


What can I expect from your intercultural training?

  • You will become aware of your own ways of thinking and functioning, as well as that of others.
  • You will gain in-depth knowledge about cultural differences, tailored to your situation.
  • You will learn to consider the different factors that influence relationships and working methods with foreign partners.
  • You will be able to change your perspective and look at situations in a new way in order to better manage them.
  • In short, you will become culturally competent and will be able to adapt to every situation.

My intercultural training offer:

My strengths

  • Learning by doing – interactive workshops to develop and practise your own strategies
  • Looking beyond stereotypes – culture is complex
  • Integrated coaching methods for sustainable results
  • Training in English, French and German
  • Customised workshop, tailored to your needs
  • Qualified Intercultural Trainer
  • Over 15 years’ experience in international contexts
  • France-Germany specialist
  • Communication expert
  • Familiar with the daily life of companies and teams
  • Committed to ongoing training and learning
  • Hands-on approach with a scientific foundation

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information.