Intercultural Training – Germany

                                                                                              Photo © Nicolas Blandin

You work for a French company and are attending a meeting with your German partners to discuss the XY concept. The Germans come to the meeting with a PowerPoint presentation. You think to yourself: “If they’ve already worked it all out, why are they bothering consulting us? Who do they think they are?”

What do the Germans think?

So close, and yet so far away. The Germans and the French perceive the word “concept” very differently. Their vision of “successful teamwork” is also very different. Collaborating with the Germans can present many obstacles for French teams: a different way of working, different time management, different rules, different ways of communicating – the list goes on. Such obstacles are often invisible on the surface, but they can create palpable tensions and even cause irreparable damage

Would you like to work with German collaborators successfully and without any kinks? Kein Problem! I will gladly let you in on the rules of the game.

My approach is personalised, interactive, solution-oriented and action-oriented.

Examples of topics covered during my intercultural training workshops for Germany:

  • Basic knowledge (definition of culture, perception, stereotypes/prejudices and intercultural competence)
  • Reflection on our images of ourselves and people from other cultures – how others perceive the Germans and how the Germans perceive themselves, and why this has an impact on collaboration
  • Initial contact and relationship development
  • Definition of communication and communication styles and assessment of their impact
  • Time management, work rhythms, planning approaches
  • Hierarchy and rules
  • Meetings and decision-making processes
  • New intercultural action strategies

Learn more about my intercultural training approach.

I also offer coaching services for personalised professional support.

My strengths

  • Qualified Intercultural Trainer
  • Over 15 years’ experience in international contexts
  • France-Germany specialist
  • Communication expert
  • Familiar with the daily life of companies and teams
  • Committed to ongoing training and learning
  • Hands-on approach with a scientific foundation
  • Learning by doing – interactive workshops to develop and practise your own strategies
  • Looking beyond stereotypes – culture is complex
  • Integrated coaching methods for sustainable results
  • Training in English, French and German
  • Customised workshop, tailored to your needs

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