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We help businesses, teams, managers, expatriates and private individuals reach their full potential and develop their relational, collective and intercultural intelligence with tailored & multilingual coaching, training and consulting services.

– a question of attitude

  • Regain motivation and confidence

  • Develop success strategies and an action plan

– a question of relational & collective intelligence

  • Embrace differences

  • Value complementarities

  • Create synergies

– a question of mindset

  • Give meaning to your actions in order to reach your goals


The keys to success
& fulfilment


Embrace change

Transform issues and difficulties into opportunities with personalised support.

Professional coaching is a powerful tool to look at things from a different perspective, realign yourself with your core values and give meaning to your actions while enhancing motivation, self-reflexion, autonomy and responsibility.

one-to-one coaching

  • Solve professional issues

  • Give meaning to your career

  • Set your own goals

  • Leverage your resources

  • Take on new challenges

  • Implement strategies and solutions tailored to your needs

  • Be a driving force in the change process

  • Develop your full potential

team coaching

  • Adopt strategies that foster involvement, cohesion and motivation

  • Stimulate co-responsibility and co-creation

  • Build trust within your team

  • Develop collective intelligence

intercultural coaching

  • Develop your global leadership

  • Make your expatriation a success

  • Manage a multicultural team

  • Strengthen your relational agility


Make a difference


Embrace differences

Whether you are a manager or an employee working abroad or in your home country, whether you are managing multicultural teams or about to welcome and cooperate with international partners, intercultural agility is key.

Working globally entails many challenges: different communication, management and working styles, different approaches to time management, decision-making, trust and ways of handling disagreement. What may seem “normal” here isn’t at all out there, and often we aren’t aware of it.

Without support, such invisible but significant differences can lead to demotivation, financial losses and the end of a collaboration or mission.

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as intercultural experts, we can help you:

✓ become aware of how we all think and function differently

✓ develop intercultural intelligence

✓ adapt quickly to an unfamiliar environment

✓ develop interpersonal skills (soft skills)

✓ manage diversity

✓ minimise the time spent on managing frustrations and conflicts

✓ perceive differences as assets and bring together everyone’s strengths and particularities

✓ create synergies between co-workers and teams

✓ boost collective fulfillment and performance

✓ make your international partnership a success

professional integration & expatriation

  • Understand the context, mentalities and ways of working in your host country

  • Prevent misunderstandings

  • Minimise frustrations

  • Overcome the cultural shock

  • Maximise fulfillment and performance

intercultural agility

  • Become aware of the impact of cultural differences

  • Decode cultural codes

  • Prevent issues due to cultural differences

  • Learn the keys to working with other cultures


multicultural team synergy

  • Reveal the values behind everyone’s behaviour

  • Encourage mutual understanding

  • Define a common framework

  • Create synergies

  • Gain motivation, involvement and trust

intercultural management

  • Develop your intercultural competence and your interpersonal agility

  • Adapt your leadership to a target culture

  • Learn how to manage a multicultural team with trust and efficiency




 they trust us


in their own words

After the training cycle “How to collaborate successfully with the French” given by Eva-Maria, we completely changed our strategy, which allowed us to find partners in France and make our cooperation a success.
— Dr. Ruben S., german engineer, KIMW
With my three degrees I learned everything I need for my finance role. But the only thing I did not learn is the cultural aspect of how to work with people from other cultures. Now that I work in France and with Belgium, I realized it’s all about culture. I’m grateful that I have learned how to bridge the culture gap.
— Barry M., Associate DIrector of Finance
The coaching sessions with Eva-Maria were fundamental and decisive for launching my business. Thanks to her efficient approach, we were able to tackle complicated issues, but in a very light-hearted and fluid way.
Eva-Maria helped me address my professional issues by dealing very respectfully with my overall position in my personal and professional life.
I was able to learn and adopt easy and relevant tools to understand my strengths and weaknesses and to outline my business strategies from there.
Her gentleness, attentiveness and her approach are unique and very precious!
You cannot NOT communicate. However, everybody communicates in a slightly different way. Thus, the tailor-made seminar was very helpful in order to better understand the behaviour of international partners. Eva-Maria really understands to point out the subtle hints between the lines, which are often overlooked in day-to-day communication with other people - be it business or private contacts. Moreover, the hands-on training and the real-life examples tremendously helped in raising awareness and translating the well-explained concepts to recent communication challenges. I’m very much looking forward to a future seminar or consulting!
Thanks, Eva, for a great day! It was well planned and thought-out and really touched on every aspect to prepare ourselves.
— Vivian L., expat
True-to-life, hands-on, individual, concrete.
— Carmen S., expatriée
The cross-cultural training program with Eva-Maria was very valuable. She fully responded to my particular interests and concerns. The two most valuable things I have learned from the program with Eva-Maria were my cultural characteristics as compared to my host country’s (and an airline customer’s country) and how to best communicate and identify with people around the office.
— Jonathan D., Boeing Site Leader, Zodiac Seats France
I had difficulty with accepting change and adapting to my new position during the reorganisation of our organisation. I am deeply grateful to Eva for helping me step outside the box and find my own solution. I appreciated her professionalism, listening skills, insight, clarity and great sense of humanity.
— Martine C., Territorial Representative, France
Eva-Maria helped me when I had to make a crucial work decision.
She managed to listen, analyse, understand my situation and anxieties. She summarised, structured, highlighted what mattered, while taking into account my wishes, my feelings, my personality and my goals, without judgement.

I was able to make a crystal-clear decision within one hour and a half, after having previously spent 15 days ruminating on my own.
— A. B., social and associative community coordinator, France
I am so grateful for your commitment, availability, support and the progress we made together, for your way of being, your attentiveness and orientation tools. It helped me tremendously while I was in a difficult personal and professional situation that I had never experienced before.
— Marlyse F., health professional

Your contact person


Eva-Maria Hartwich, founder

Eva-Maria Hartwich is a Certified Professional Coach, Intercultural Trainer & Consultant. A German native, she has been studying, living and working in international contexts since 1999. She worked for more than 10 years within international companies (Titelbild/Ericsson, Patagonia) in France and Germany before founding EMBRACE DIFFERENCES.

Her personal experience of change and cultural misunderstandings within a wide range of industries helped shape her holistic, realistic and hands-on approach. Her seven years of experience at Patagonia, one of the most inspiring and innovative companies in terms of corporate social and environmental responsibility, still inform her vision of coaching, training and team development.

Her approach is personalised, interactive and solution-oriented. 
Her countries of primary expertise are France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and USA. She works in English, French and German.


Claire ivins, founder of Cikaår in toulouse

As an american citizen who spent 17 years in China, Claire Ivins’ life experience lead her to study Intercultural Communication and Linguistics in the USA. Her love for cultures and languages took her to France, where she has been working since 2010 on business intercultural issues, most notably on French-Chinese and French-American projects. She works in English, French and Chinese.

Stephan Hild, founder of Cultural Consultant in munich

A German citizen, Stephan Hild is an Intercultural Coach, Trainer and Mediator. He has 25 years of cumulated experience in management positions at international companies. His countries of primary expertise are Portugal, Brazil, India, The Netherlands and the USA. He works in German, English and Portuguese.


IMC-COACHING - Intercultural & Mobility Coaching

IMC-Coaching is a network of experts specialised in Intercultural & Mobility Coaching. Each coach has extensive experience and knowledge about one or several countries, and past experience at companies, consulting firms and management position levels.

Helios Institut

Founded in 2010 by Hendrick Monnier, HELIOS INSTITUT is made up of coaching, consulting and training experts in the field of human capital & organisations development.


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